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Little About Your H-Admin Empty Little About Your H-Admin

Post  SexyBiscut98 on Tue Jun 14, 2011 11:05 pm

Hey guys just a little about me I'm 12 I turn 13 in November I live in a town called Stamford CT nd I'm Hispanic my Skype is KaZexPr3dator if u wanna add me fine I know Zerkkaa irl nd he is Matt I'm Dan were friends so yeah I suffer from clincal depression and minor psycotism I love the server in game I'm fair nice and helpful these next couple days I will be extra helpful since the server is new I donate 5$ a Month to Zerkkaa because as a 12 year old u don't get a lot of cash so I helP him out u shuld to I wOnt ban u if u destroy 1 block or accidentally curse but u know the limits so Thts all I have tO say Smile

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