We are now an RP server !

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We are now an RP server ! Empty We are now an RP server !

Post  Zerkkaa on Tue Jun 28, 2011 11:40 pm

Hello everyone. Sexy and i have been thinking and we are growing bored of the traditional minecraft where you build houses and buildings and such. We have thought of different ways to spruce up the game for both us and all of you. So we have put some thought into becoming an RP server. When we thought about becoming one we realized that there are many kinds of RP genres to choose from and we realized everyone likes a different one. We agreed that Navy/ Boating would be a median and everyone would like it .. ask yourself a question " Do i like to build super mega awesome yachts?" most likely the answer will always be YES!. So we thought we could have a world were we are all based off of boats. The ranks are :
Land Lover: The equivalent of an everyone.
Sailor: The equivalent of builder but you will have to apply and build a amateur boat.
Seaman: The equivalent of Advanced Builder will require an application and a Good Boat.
First Mate: You will have to post pictures and apply for this rank and have a boat that is good looking . The equivalent to Vip.
Dock Master: You must have a marina or a dock to have this rank. Not the equivalent of any rank it is a new type for the server .
Lieutenant: The equivalent of Moderator this will require a yacht and leadership skills.
Commander: The equivalent of Admin. Will have to be a master boat maker and have great leadership skills.

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